If you are not able to get where you want to be , you might be stuck in your comfort zone. What is comfort zone ? It is like a bubble we live inside and are afraid to step out. A comfort zone hinders you from showing capabilities because you are confined in your own space.

When someone lives in comfort zone it means that the person wants to play safe and easy. If you are not doing what scares you or something which requires you to go miles extra, then you know what will be the outcome. When we are open to challenges and facing fear then only we can see and explore our true capabilities. When you are really looking forward to do something in your life then stepping out of comfort zone is really important because limiting yourself will not work anyway. Comfort zone hinders learning and growing opportunities as well . Then if you don’t see results you will start doubting yourself. Whenever a difficulty will come up in your life then you won’t be able to take it and eventually quit. Life is so much more interesting when you keep learning and growing , when you stay in your comfort zone you become lost and distracted from your goals and enjoying life to the fullest. To become a leader you must break out of your comfort zone and you will see yourself becoming what you didn’t expect.

To discover your dreams and capabilities grow out of the comfort zone and see what life brings you.

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