We have been living a lifestyle which keeps changing with advancement of technology and needs. We run to our work, manage relationships, deal with different people in day to day life. But where is mental peace ?

We learn , grow and thrive in this world to become better and do better in life . We eventually forget that we are living this life for ourselves and we have been lost somewhere. Till the time we realize this its too late. We spend all our life in attachments, pleasing other, running for money etc. that we forget to take out time for ourselves. In this hectic life it is really important to focus on ourselves and find inner peace . We might be having a bad day but have you really thought how your day was bad just based on that specific 10-15 bad minutes you went through? Every once in a while we should consider ourselves and put ourselves first , it will help in self development and making ourselves priority.

Inner peace not only comes from examining our needs, emotions (physical or emotional), illness etc. Prioritizing inner peace is what really matters .